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BabyBus Chinese Character Storybooks BLP343



Book Titles:
Amazing Toy Store 奇妙玩具店
Where is Nana 娜娜不见了
Im Hero 我是竹林英雄
Amazing Vending Machine 神奇的售货机
Good Daddy With Bad Daddy 好爸爸与坏爸爸
House From Heaven 房子从天降
Fight Thieves 智斗小偷
Transfer To New School 转学乌龙记
​On the Wrong Bus 搭错车的奇奇
Questionable Ten Dollars 真假10元钱
Free Coke 免费的可乐
Prank on Halloween 万圣节恶作剧

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin , 48 pages/book, 7.3"x 8.1"
Item: BabyBus Chinese Character Storybooks
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