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Chinese Radical Story Books BLP360


部首拼拼故事書每一辑 每本書學習一個部首,把部首與不同的部件拼在一起,就變成不同的中文字了。每個字有一個有趣的故事,幫助讀者理解字義。

Book Titles:
Little Monkey Delivering Cake 小猴子送蛋糕(人部)
Whose Mouth is the Best? 誰的嘴巴最了得?(口部)
Two Sisters 兩對姐妹(女部)
The Wolf is Here 惡狼來了(心部)
Don't Play Drums at Night 請不要在晚上打鼓(手部)
The Usage of Trees 樹木的用處(木部)
Little Rabbit Crossing the River 小兔子要過河(水部)
The New Classmate 新來的同學(言部)
Obstacle Course in the Forest 森林障礙賽(系部)
Cleaning Campaign 清潔運動(土部)

Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters and pinyin, 26 pages/book, 9.25"x8.25"
Item: Chinese Radical Story Books
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