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The Empire of the Written Symbol for Children BLP370


A sinologist in Sweden tells the origin and features of Chinese characters for children, which mainly selects characters relevant to life by chapters such as people and humankind, water and mountain, livestock, vehicles, road and ship, agriculture, wine and wares, linen and silk, bamboo and tree, tools and weapons, roof and house, book and music, etc. In addition, it analyzes and tells the life style and customs of Chinese people to deepen readers' understanding about Chinese characters.

《给孩子的汉字王国》以图文并茂的形式讲述中国文字的起源和特点,主要选取一些与人的生活有关的字,按章讲述,如人与人类,水与山,家畜,车、路和船,农耕,酒和器皿,麻与丝、竹与树、工具与武器,屋顶与房子,书籍与音乐等,同时分析和讲述中国人的生活方式和风俗习惯 ,加深读者对文字的理解。此书出于瑞典汉学家之手,作为一个外国人,她对每一个汉字都充满了好奇,比如为什么人们把自来水的开关称之为“龙头”?为什么人们把怀孕叫做“有身子了”?“身”和“孕”有什么关系?为什么许多中国人见了面不问“你好”,而问“你吃了吗?”等等。书中只讲述了200多个“基本汉字”,它们大多是中国人*早创造使用的汉字。可以说,这是一本孩子学习汉字的通俗易懂的入门书。

By Xili Lin, Illustrated by Cecilia Lindqvist, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 296 pages, 8.5"x5.45"
Item: The Empire of the Written Symbol for Children
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