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Baby Elephant Chinese Calendar 2020 BLP379

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In addition to the basic elements of the calendar, babies over 3 years of age will get:

★ Meet a cute oracle inscription every day and acquire a Chinese character every day.
★ The difficulty of selecting characters is gradual, and it is related to the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, winter, twenty-four solar terms, and legal holidays.
★ Each oracle bone inscription is attached with a concise explanation, and each Chinese character is accompanied by a catchy phrase.
★ The book case can be transformed into a storage box and a pen holder, which can hold the calendar and beloved brushes that children have torn off.
★ Ice cream candy color, warm and comfortable.
★ Produced by the authoritative Chinese character for small elephants, the enlightenment of Chinese characters for toddlers is embedded in daily life.


★ 每天认识一个萌萌哒甲骨文,每日习得一汉字。
★ 选字难度循序渐进,和春夏秋冬四季、二十四节气、法定节假日相关。
★ 每个甲骨文附上精简释义,每个汉字附上琅琅上口的词组。
★ 书壳可以变身为收纳盒和笔筒,放小朋友撕下的日历和心爱的画笔。
★ 冰激淋糖果色系,温馨舒适。
★ 小象汉字权威出品,将幼儿汉字启蒙植入日常生活。

Harcover, 736 pages, 4.5" x 3.7"
Item: Baby Elephant Chinese Calendar 2020
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