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Read Speak and Write Chinese With Pictures BLR006


Younger primary school students should take advantage of the strategic curriculum offered by these books. Interesting exercises train kids from the basics to higher levels of writing. Large fonts, bright colors, and literary clarity allow learning to occur with ease!

这是一套为低年级孩子精心打造的写作启蒙读物,兼具实用性和趣味性。看图说话写话与日记起步都是由一句话 到一段话再到完整的文章;由范文导读、点评到理论指导,带领同学自己实践,层层递进;帮助同学们找出写作的诀 窍,招招实用。 书中涵盖名师的讲解、精彩的点评、可爱又引人的图片、好词好句好段以及精美的版块,对低幼阶段的学生来说 是一道可口的作文大餐。

Book Titles:
Read Speak Write 1 看图说话写话-入门篇一二年级
Read Speak Write 2 看图说话写话-提高篇二年级
Diary 1 日记起步-入门篇一二年级
Diary 2 日记起步-基础篇二三年级
Diary 3 日记起步-提高篇三四年级

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters and Pinyin, 140 pages/book, 7.25"x8.25"
Item: Read Speak and Write Chinese With Pictures
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