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Positive Reading BLR016


Positive Reading is suitable for small primary to sixth grade students to read wonderful articles, each of which contains positive energy, gives self-confidence, warmth, courage, and joy. The articles help cultivate a childs' capabilities of analysis, comparison, integration, thinking, and more. In addition, language activities can definitely enhance the ability of children to read, enrich children's knowledge of languages​​, and enhance interest in learning new languages. Positive energy reading is the way children can have a educational beacon, leading the children experience to the beauty of reading .

《正能量閱讀》精選了40篇適合小一到小六學生閱讀的精彩文章,每篇文章都蘊含滿滿的正能量,給人自信、溫暖、勇氣與感動。文章後面,由國小名師根據PIRLS測驗,培養孩子分析、比較、統整、思考等多元 能力。此外,逐篇設計的語文活動,絕對可以提升孩子閱讀能力,豐富孩子語文知識,增強孩子語文興趣。正能量閱讀,是孩子學習路上的一盞明燈,引領孩子體會閱讀之美。

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Beginning Level 低年級
Intermediate Level 中年級
Advanced Level 高年級

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 178-216 pages/book, 10.2"x7.50"
Item: Positive Reading
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