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Sing Along: Learn Mandarin (2 Books) BLR020


Sing Along teaches Chinese using the power of song. The series is divided into four learning stages, which are classified by language abilities. Students will learn Chinese using various interactive methods, including singing, saying rhythms, drawing and playing games. These volumes are divided into four stages according to learners’ language abilities:
1. Toddler Stage (suggested ages: 2-3 ): Consists of three volumes. The teaching materials for this stage include 24 children’s songs, in addition to 24 key vocabulary items and corresponding sample sentences. 2. Beginner Stage (suggested ages: 3-4): Consists of two volumes. 3. Intermediate Stage (suggested ages: 4-5): Consists of two volumes. 4. Advanced Stage (suggested ages: 5-6): Consists of two volumes. The teaching materials for this stage include 54 children’s songs in addition to over 200 vocabulary words and corresponding sample sentences.
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《唱儿歌学中文》是一套通过经典儿歌来构建教学内容、开展汉语教学的国际汉语教材, 本套教材共 9 册(每阶段附赠 Mp3),按照教材使用者的语言能力分为四个阶段:(1)托班 阶段(参考年龄 2~3 岁):分上、中、下三册,本阶段教材包括 24 首儿歌、24 个重点词汇 和相应例句。(2)小班阶段(参考年龄 3~4 岁):分上、下两册。(3)中班阶段(参考年龄 4~5 岁):分上、下两册。(4)大班阶段(参考年龄 5~6 岁):分上、下两册。小、中、大 班阶段的教材共包括 54 首儿歌、200 多个生词和相应例句。 本套教材能够帮助低龄汉语学习者通过跟唱、律动、涂鸦、游戏互动等多种形式学习中 文,既适用于面向幼儿的国际汉语课堂教学,也适用于海外小读者在家长帮助下自主阅读。 需要说明的是,四个适用年龄段的划分仅供参考,请根据孩子的中文水平选用合适的分册。

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 50-92 pages/book, 9.9"x8.1", 1 MP3
Item: Sing Along: Learn Mandarin (2 Books)
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