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Learn Chinese with Me Textbook 1 (Book+CD) BLT116


Learn Chinese with me is a complete learning program specifically created for teaching beginning Chinese to students 10 years old and above. The program includes twelve books made up of four levels. Each level contains both a student's text book and teacher's hand book and workbook. The textbook covers the topics of daily communication of daily life, school life, food and health, environment, transportation and geography, and traditional Chinese culture. The text's colorful illustrations add meaningful context to words and situations to make each lesson appealing to young students. 2 audio CDs for the textbook is included in the package too. In simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, and English. Great for young students, age 10 and up, to learn Chinese as a foreign language from the beginners level.

《跟我学汉语》是一套专为海外学生编写的汉语教材。使用对象主要是以英语为母语的学生编写的。《跟我学汉语》这套教材以零为起点,终点接近中级汉语水平。编写的主导思想是培养海外学生学习汉语的兴趣。教材在内容的安排上力图自然,有趣,符合第二语言学习规律。教材语法点的出现顺序以表达功能的需要为基础,并用话题为线索来编排语言教材, 从而带动交际能力的培养。《跟我学汉语》全套教材共12册,包括学生用书4册以及配套的教师用书,练习册各4册,同时有与学生用书相配套的语音听力材料和多媒体教材。


  1. School, Classmates and Teachers
  2. Hanging out with my friends
  3. Me and my family
  4. Four seasons of  the year
  5. Food and clothing
  6. Sports and health

Simplified Chinese character, Pinyin and English, Paperback, 230 Pages, 8.5" x 11"; 2 Audio CDs
Item: Learn Chinese with Me Textbook 1 (Book+CD)
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