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Chinese Culture Keyword Flip Chart (8 Posters) BPO005


  If Chinese civilization’s five thousand year history is like a mighty river, surging forward with great momentum but hard to view as a whole, then the details can be seen and savored in the tiny trickles and individual drops. Using delicate and vivid descriptions, the Chinese Culture Keyword Flip Chart outlines the splendors of ancient Chinese civilization, including points which describe “Chinese style”, “Chinese spirit”, “Chinese manners”, “Chinese humor”, “Chinese fashion”, “Chinese influence”, “Chinese sights” and “Chinese landscapes”. Vivacious historical stories such as “Three Visits to the Thatched Cottage”, “Shen Nong Tasting Hundreds of Herbs” and “Su Wu Tending Sheep” give us a profound understanding of the qualities of self-improvement, integrity and loyalty in Chinese culture.
  Containing 16 charts, this set could be served as supplementary Chinese teaching materials with strong decorative and collecting value.


Paper, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 16 posters, 42.99"x30.98"
Item: Chinese Culture Keyword Flip Chart (8 Posters)
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