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World History Adventure BSA038


Drive away enemy bombers! Accept secret undercover missions! Witness the glories and the sorrows of battle and war with this World History Adventure series. Kids will be deeply intruigued by the ups and downs of our past.


Book Titles:
North American Story 北美故事
Air and Sea Adventures 海空历险
Ancient Civilization 远古文明
Pirates Legend 海盗传奇
The Great Explorers 伟大探险家
King's Tragedy 国王的悲剧
Campaign Years 征战岁月
Medieval Quest 中世纪探秘
Ancient Warrior 古代战士
The Rise of the United States 美国的兴起
The Suffering of Slaves 奴隶的苦难
Industrial Era 工业时代
Town Life 城镇生活
Crazy Career 疯狂职业
Suffering Life 苦难人生

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 112 pages/book, 9.4"x8.4"
Item: World History Adventure
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