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Happy Life Planning Picture Books Series BSA039


Developing and harnessing potential in children starts with appropriate educational planning. Successful, happy professionals start as playful, inspired children with big imaginations. These books include interviews with people that have different careers and lifestyles, so children have a wider understanding of what to expect when they grow up. Children are encouraged to explore their interests in nature, business, arts, and more!

这是一套从韩国引进的帮助儿童挖掘潜能、发挥特长、规划人生并最终获得幸福的绘本,由韩国儿童教育学、儿童心理学和职业规划方面的资深专家和最优秀的插画师共同打造。它按照儿童的兴趣和特长分类,为喜欢大自然、艺术、科学、经营、交往、展示、乐于助人的不同孩子设计了相应的职业故事。每本书都包括图画故事、成功职业人士介绍和采访、儿童潜能开发三方面内容。 图画故事部分简单生动、富有童趣,自然而然地在精致的画面和有趣的故事中阐释了每一种职业所具备的特点,说明了什么样的人适合从事什么样的职业,让小朋友们看完故事后对符合自己特点的职业产生浓厚的兴趣。 成功职业人士介绍和采访部分细致地描述了每一种职业的各种细节,包括中国各行业杰出人士的介绍和韩国成功职业人士的采访。 儿童潜能开发部分依据多元智能理论,详细分析了实现各种职业理想所需要具备的素质,告诉家长如何从孩子生活的各种细节发现孩子的兴趣和潜能,从而顺应孩子的天性,开发孩子的天赋,帮助孩子规划人生方向,发挥特长和优势,为未来的幸福生活奠定坚实的基础

Book Titles:
Story About Magician-Ruby Becomes a Magician 小鲁比成为了魔术师
Story About Designer-Miss Cat's 猫咪小姐的服装秀
Story About Mechanic-Please Fix My Car, Mr. Elephant 大象先生,帮我修修车吧
Story About Programmer-Noisy Frog 青蛙闹闹
Story About Entomologist-Witch and Mr. Pen's Trip 女巫和笔笔先生旅行记
Story About Hotel Manager-Spring Hotel 泉水宾馆
Story About Accountant-Happy Farm 快乐农场
Story About Diploma-The Respectful Mr. Cow 受人尊敬的哞哞先生
Story About Teacher-The Ant Teacher From Star Class 星星班的蚂蚁老师
Story About Writer-Mr. Wright's New Book 莱特先生的新图画书
Story About Agricultural Technician-Find Papa Duck 寻找鸭子爸爸
Story About Astronaut-The Astronaut Trio 宇航员三人组
Story About Architect-My Grandma is an Architect 我的奶奶是大建筑师
Story About Entrepreneur-Caleb and His Friends 卡宾和他的朋友们
Story About Singer-I Want to be a Singer 我也要当歌手
Story About Lawyer-Fox Lawyer维护正义的狐狸律师
Story About Store Manager-The Everything Store 万有商店
Story About Journalist-The News Reporter 新闻记者

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 31-35 Pages/Book, 9.5"x8.3"
Item: Happy Life Planning Picture Books Series
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