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Nine Cities in the World BSA049


The greatest cities in the world are Rio de Janeiro, London, Paris, New York, Istanbul, Turkey, Sydney, New Delhi, Athens, and Tokyo. What makes them so special? What’s unique to each city and what sites are you supposed to see when you visit? This atlas/guidebook is the best place to learn about the little details that make the greatest cities in the world so great.

請睜大雙眼,一邊欣賞美麗的風光,一邊發揮觀察力和想像力, 仔細看看身邊的人物、動物、交通工具,甚至是神話人物和超級英雄! 看看他們都在做什麼!《世界九大城市》包括:巴西的里約熱內盧、英國的倫敦、法國的巴黎、美國的紐約、土耳其的伊斯坦堡、澳大利亞的雪梨、印度的新德里、希臘的雅典,以及日本的東京。

By Hachette Livre, Hardcover, Traditional Chinese characters and Zhuyin, 22 pages/book, 12"x9.55"
Item: Nine Cities in the World
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