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Text Connections in Chinese - Grade K/Social Studies Pack (16 Books) BSA069


Build skills with multiple texts on a topic plus detailed support for developing close reading and cross-text analysis.  These leveled topic sets combine innovative resources and instructional support linked the new state standards. Leveled texts, organized into topic sets with poetry anthologies, build knowledge and develop literacy skills. Teach the reading and analysis of key text types, using four types of books:  Informational, Opinion, and two Narrative books explore one topic in diverse ways. Please click here for each title description.

Book Titles:
Family Trips Are Fun 我认为......一家人出去玩很有意思
Postcards from China 从中国来的明信片
Sailing the Big Blue 在大海上航行
Seven People, Seven Continents 七大洲的七个孩子
America Has Great Marches 我认为......美国的游行很棒
Cleveland on the Fourth 独立日的克利夫兰
Holidays Are Great Days! 我认为......过节很好玩!
Landmarks in the U.S.A. 美国的地标
My Day in the Capital 我在首都的一天
Remembering Dr. King 纪念马丁·路德·金
Monet's Paintings Are Lovely 我认为莫奈的画很好
Bonnie the Baker 面包师邦尼
Libraries Are Important 我认为...图书馆很重要
My Town Is Fun! 我认为我住的小镇很好玩
The Community Center 社区活动中心
The School Day 学校的一天

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 16 pages/book, 6"x6.75"
Item: Text Connections in Chinese - Grade K/Social Studies Pack (16 Books)
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