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People Who Have Impacts on the World BSA073


This series tells stories of famous and interesting people who have shaped the world and human history. Young readers will be fascinated by the accomplishments of these historical figures, their contributions to the world and by the character traits they displayed in times of adversity.


Book Titles:
Washington 华盛顿
Roosevelt 罗斯福
Franklin 富兰克林
Kennedy 肯尼迪
Columbus 哥伦布
Wright Brothers 莱特兄弟
Henry Ford 亨利福特
Carnegie 卡内基
Churchill 丘吉尔
Darwin 达尔文
Van Gogh 梵高
Gauguin 高更
Chopin 肖邦
Disney 迪士尼
Marie Curie 居里夫人
Gandhi 甘地
Galileo 伽利略

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 203-230 pages/book, 10"x8.25"
Item: People Who Have Impacts on the World
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