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Find Out More Series BSA081


Open up any book in this series to learn more about Chinese history, ranging from topics like science and technology to culture and the economy. Full of detailed information, as well as beautiful photos and hand-drawn illustrations, this series is sure to teach something new to everyone.

英国 Eaglemoss出版公司针对少年儿童开发的活页式分辑读物在全球有着广泛的影响力,其产品在全球20多个国家和地区均有发行,他们出版的图书及期刊占据了超过一半的英国分辑读物出版市场。

Book Titles:
World History 世界现代史
Ancient and Medieval History 世界古代与中世纪史
Chinese History 发现之旅·中国史
Chinese Economy and Culture 发现之旅·中国古代经济与文化
Chinese Science and Engineering 发现之旅·中国古代科技与工程

Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 70-78 pages/book, 11"x8.5"
Item: Find Out More Series
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