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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Series BSA090


These inspirational biographies of successful historical figures will inspire children to achieve great things. Follow these notable people through their childhood to understand how they became so smart, famous, and powerful. Please click here for individual book descriptions.


Book Titles:
Isaac Newton 蘋果樹下的牛頓
Galileo 比薩斜塔上的伽利略
Charles Darwin 探究生命之源的達爾文
Nobel 追求科學與和平的諾貝爾
Thomas Edison 發明熱情點亮人間的愛迪生
Stephen Hawking 衝出時光黑洞的霍金

Paperback, Traditional Chinese Character, 215-293 pages/book, 8.3"x5.9"
Item: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Series
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