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Magic Sticker Game: I'm Going to Travel BSA097


We're going on a trip! This sticker book will help children to understand the world and the diverse cultures within it. This way, children will not only go out to see the world, but also to understand its customs, architecture, and famous attractions. They will learn about the history of world culture, literature and art, science and technology, and much more in order to develop a full range of world knowledge. There are 6 different books in the series, each corresponding to a different country.

這不僅僅是貼紙遊戲書,更是孩子了解世界、感受旅行趣味的多元文化百科全書,讓孩子不出門也能看世界,也能了解到世界和風土人情、著名景點和建築,了解世界的歷史文化、文學藝術、科技發明等,全方位開拓孩子的視野。書中除介紹每個國家的國旗、國徽等,還穿插塗色、畫畫、貼紙的遊戲等。 请点击查看分册介绍

Book Titles:
United States 美國
United Kingdom 英國
France 法國
South Korea 韓國

Paperback, Traditional Chinese character, 24 pages/book, 11.2"x8.25"
Item: Magic Sticker Game: I'm Going to Travel
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