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Technology in the Ancient World BSA100


These attractive books open with brief introductions to each culture and its technological background, followed by spreads that discuss how it developed or adopted technology that improved farming, architecture, transportation, communications, science and medicine, and more. The main text is limited to a few paragraphs per spread, supplemented with "Technical Specs" sidebars with facts about each topic. The images are the strongest element of the series, combining high-quality drawings (including exploded and explanatory diagrams) and photos of ancient sites and artifacts that illustrate how ancient technology worked. These books will help students understand the importance of interconnectivity among some of the cultures that adopted and adapted technology from their predecessors and neighbors. Please click here for a detailed description of each book.


Book Titles:
China 运河与长城·中国
Rome 最坚固的路·罗马
Greek 神话的故乡:希腊
Egypt 尼罗河宝藏·埃及
Mesopotamia 古老伊甸园·美索不达米亚
Americas 神秘的玛雅·美洲

By Charlie Samuels, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 48 pages/book, 9.8x7.7
Item: Technology in the Ancient World
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