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Bella and Harry Travel the World (13 Books) BSA102


Follow Bella and Harry as they explore the ancient castle of Edinburgh, the museum city of St. Petersburg, across the city of Istanbul along two continents, Europe and Asia, the ancient city of Cairo, the city on rivers and roads Venice. The Renaissance and Baroque city of Rome, the fashion capital, the romantic city of Paris, the Mediterranean tourist destination of Barcelona, ​​the breathtaking natural beauty of Hawaii's Maui, the quaint, idyllic city of Dublin, the world's best-known city of Vancouver. Bella and Harry, barely over 30 cm tall, are the littlest travelers taking over the globe visiting all of the historical cities on the Western Coast.  Follow them on the road to the greatest cities on Earth.


Book Titles:
Bella and Harry in Paris贝拉和哈利在巴黎
Bella and Harry in Venice贝拉和哈利在威尼斯
Bella and Harry in Istanbul贝拉和哈利在伊斯坦布尔
Bella and Harry Dublin贝拉和哈利都柏林
Bella and Harry in Athens贝拉和哈利在雅典
Bella and Harry in London贝拉和哈利在伦敦
Bella and Harry in Cairo贝拉和哈利在开罗​​​​​​​
Bella and Harry in Barcelona贝拉和哈利在巴塞罗那​​​​​​​
Bella and Harry in Edinburgh贝拉和哈利在爱丁堡​​​​​​​
Bella and Harry in Rome贝拉和哈利在罗马​​​​​​​
Bella and Harry in Hawaii贝拉和哈利在夏威夷
Bella and Harry in St. Petersburg贝拉和哈利在圣彼得堡​​​​​​​
Bella and Harry in Vancouver贝拉和哈利在温哥华

By Lisa Manzione, Illustrated by Kristine Lucco, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 31 pages/book, 10.25x8.25
Item: Bella and Harry Travel the World (13 Books)
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