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Scenery of 5 Chinese Cities (5 Books) BSA104


China has over 600 big and small cities with a diverse culture. This book series takes you on a tour to 5 famous Chinese cities, each of which has one adorable local child show you around and introduce you to each city’s unique customs, traditions, food, architecture and more. Backed by humorous writing and beautiful pictures, the books will help children to broaden their horizons and encourage them to love their hometown and country and see the world.

中国有六百多个大大小小的城市,从南到北,从东到西,不同的地域养育着不同的人群,各地的人群又形成了自己独特的生活与文化圈。随着社会城市化的不断发展,许多著名的城市在中国乃至世界都享有盛名。许多小朋友对自己家乡之外的城市充满了兴趣,他们希望去看看另外一座城市的人情风貌。我们这套书分别讲述了北京、上海、西安、杭州、青岛这五座著名的城市。通过居住在这些城市里的小孩京京、玥玥、雨儿、安安、青青的视角来讲述他们各自家乡的风土人情,例如吃食、建筑、风俗等等。本套书文字幽默、童趣,画面丰富、形象。极大地开阔小朋友们的视野,引导他们胸怀一个更加广阔的世界,愿意出去走一走,看一看。进而更加热爱自己的家乡,热爱自己的国家,做一个充满爱与关怀的人。 请点击查看分册介绍.

Book Titles:
The Year of Beijing 北京的年
Shanghai Hour 上海小时光
Taste of Xi'an 西安的味道
Misty Rain in Hangzhou 烟雨杭州
Sea Breeze in Qingdao 海风吹拂的青岛

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 30 pages/book, 10.1x10.1
Item: Scenery of 5 Chinese Cities (5 Books)
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