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I Want to Be Series 4 BSA125


What do you want to be? This series gives you a look at all of the careers that one can dream of, from being a doctor, to being a magician, fashion designer or architect! Each career is fit with a different animal, so the jobs look adorable. This series is for children 3-6 years old, and it is suitable for both the classroom and for the home.


Book Titles:
I Want to Be a Salesman 我要当推销员
I Want to Be a Writer 我要当作家
I Want to Be an Astronomer 我要当天文学家
I Want to Be an Archeologist 我要当考古学家
I Want to Be a Diplomat 我要当外交家
I Want to Be a Barber 我要当理发师
I Want to Be a Animal Tamer  我要当驯兽师
I Want to Be a Host 我要当主持人
I Want to Be a Psychologist 我要当心理医生
I Want to Be a Traveler 我要当旅行家

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 24 pages/book, 7.4"x7.5"
Item: I Want to Be Series 4
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