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How Cities Work (Lonely Planet Kids) BSA127


Get ready to explore the city in a whole new way. This innovative book for younger readers is packed with city facts, loads of flaps to lift, and unfolding pages to see inside buildings and under the streets.
Children aged 5+ can learn about skyscrapers, subway systems and stinky sewers. Discover where people live and peek behind closed doors to see what's going on in houses and apartments, or why not find out about what goes on underneath the streets you walk on every day?
Each page is stylishly illustrated by James Gulliver Hancock, creator of the All The Buildings That I've Drawn So Far series (Universe Publishing) and there are loads of quirky details to spot. How many giant cowboy hats can you find through the book?

“孤独星球•童书系列”是被旅行者誉为“旅行圣经”的孤独星球推出的品牌童书,它以经典品质、童心童趣和孩子分享多样性的全球文化及精彩的地理知识,让孩子对世界保持惊奇之心。 “星球探秘”系列将翻页、拉页等工艺与互动探秘相结合,采用多层场景设计,让读者在惊喜中体味自然美、人文美、科学美,培养渐进式思维和主动认知能力。

By Jen Feroze, Hardcover, simplified Chinese characters, 24 pages/book, 10.25"x11"
Item: How Cities Work (Lonely Planet Kids)
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