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Mathalon Maps World Geography Series (6 Books) BSA140


Take a new look at the World Atlas, through Maths, and discover how you can calculate the world and all its wonders. Have you got the mathematical stamina to complete the most adventurous calculations the world can throw at you?! Work out the time it would take to climb Mount Everest by multiplying the rate at which an average climber covers each foot per minute by the total height of the mountain. If a rower rows at a speed of 1 meter per second, how long would it take them to row from the coast of England to New York, USA?


Book Titles:
Asia 亚洲
Europe 欧洲
Africa 非洲
Oceania 大洋洲
North America 北美洲
South America 南美洲

By Joanne Randolph, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 31 pages/book, 11.25"x8.75"
Item: Mathalon Maps World Geography Series (6 Books)
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