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Travel Around the World Pop-Up Books BSA156


Traveling around the world can teach children about many different cultures and experiences. Each part of the world has unique lifestyles and these books will go into more detail about them with detailed and accurate information about the geography, landscape and different countries that make up each continent. 


  • 丰富有趣的图文——选择适合孩子的图文表达,将大量知识融入其中,阅读更具趣味性。 
  • 精准翔实的科普知识——专业机构监制、审核的地形图和政区图等地理信息,确保知识准确到位。 
  • 独特巧妙的工艺——采用推拉转立体等多种机关工艺,让阅读具备更直观的参与体验感。

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Book Titles:
Asia 亚洲
Africa 非洲
Americas and Oceania 美洲和大洋洲
Europe 欧洲

Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 16 pages/book, 10.1"x10.3"
Item: Travel Around the World Pop-Up Books
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