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Everybody Counts: A counting story from 0 to 7.5 billion BSA200


Winner of the 2019 Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize

This fun book will get you counting from 0 to 7.5 billion, but also to do so much more. Follow the characters’ stories through the book and see how their lives collide with those of others.

There are a lot of secrets to be discovered for the sharp-eyed! You’ll see that everyone is different, everyone has their own life, and that – most importantly – everybody counts.

At the end, a spotting section allows you to go back and have even more fun. Everybody Counts is critically acclaimed for its unique approach to visual communication, and has been awarded some of the world's highest honours for children's literature.




By Kristin Roskifte, Simplified Chinese Characters, 54 pages, 13.3"x9.6"
Item: Everybody Counts: A counting story from 0 to 7.5 billion
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