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Mom, It's Sunny Outside BSB082


Shortie wants to be with her mother and it just so happens to be sunny outside. "Mom, it's sunny outside. Will you take me out to play?" The vivid portrayal of a child's earnest wishes in this book and the emotional turning point when Shortie's mother puts aside her work to embrace her child, have elicited sympathetic responses from readers of all ages. Price is for one hardcover book written in traditional Chinese characters and zhuyin and a paperback in English. Also included is an audio CD with the book narrated in English and Chinese.


Bu Hsu Su-Hsia, Hardcover, Simplified or Traditional Chinese Characters & Zhuyin, 32 pages, English Translation Book: Paperback, 32 pages, 8.5"x12", 1 Bilingual CD
Item: Mom, It's Sunny Outside
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