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Richard Scarry Step into Reading Book Series (10 Books) BSB285


Farmer Pig is having a very busy day. He needs a helper. Charlie Cat can help. Or can he? Time after time, Charlie causes hilarious mayhem as he tries to assist with milking the cow, watering the garden and clearing the table. While strengthening their word recognition skills, early readers will laugh at the exploits of the hapless pig and cat, and learn that everyone makes mistakes sometimes.
Mr. Rabbit's feet are stuck in cement and all of his friends are trying to get him out. Follow their hilarious hijinks in this delightful tale of what happens when you don't pay attention to where you are going. 
Scarey bilingual reading 10 (full) - STEP INTO READING series from Random House, the famous, the continuation of a the Scarey consistent humor style, designed specifically for independent reading children's bilingual reading.


Book Titles:
The Best Mistake Ever小屁孩儿二三事
Pie Rats Ahoy馅饼炮弹
The Worst Help Ever 帮倒忙
Smokey the Fireman 消防员斯莫奇
The Early Bird小小鸟
Frances Fix-It修修小姐
Sniff the Detective侦探斯尼夫
Watch Your Step Mr Rabbit小心脚下,兔子先生
Harry and Larry the First Fishermen哈里和拉里
Chuckle with Huckle小屁孩儿,咯咯笑

By Richard Scarry, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 24 Pages/book, 5.6" x 8.3
Item: Richard Scarry Step into Reading Book Series (10 Books)
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