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My First Chinese Storybook - Animals BSB336


My First Chinese Storybooks is a series of Chinese and English Bilingual picture books that have been primarily designed as educational readers for English speakers of different age groups who are learning Chinese.

The animal stories have been added to this series because animals have always been loved by children. The author, an experienced teacher, selected these stories from Chinese fables and idioms and adapted them for young learners of Chinese as a fresh way of learning through reading.

The appendices at the end of each book pinpoint key words and sentences, and include questions based on the stories for parents and teachers to use in engaging children in interactive activities.

本系列适合 5-11 岁的华裔儿童,以及汉语非母语的海外儿童在老师、父母指导下阅读。由在英国生活多年的汉语资深教师编写。每册书有一两个有趣的主题或汉语常用句型,以不断复现的形式,达到认识汉字、练习表达的目的。

Book Titles:
A Little Hedgehog Goes Fruit Picking 小刺猬捡果子
A Clever Hen 聪明的鸡妈妈
The Camel and The Sheep 骆驼和羊
The Frozen Bird 冻死的鸟
The Sea Bird and the Clam 海鸟和蚌
The Poor Donkey 可怜的小驴
The Tiger and the Cat 老虎学本事
The Swimming Race 过河比赛
The Splash Was Coming 咕咚来了
Two Goats Going Across a Bridge 山羊过桥
The Frog in the Well 井里的青蛙
The Tiger and the Fox 老虎和狐狸
A Little Bird Drinks Water 小鸟喝水
The Clever Little Sheep 聪明的小羊
The Mouse Marrying off His Daughter 老鼠嫁女
The Monkeys Fish for the Moon 猴子捞月
A Little Pony Crosses the River 小马过河
The Rabbit and The Tortoise 龟兔赛跑
A Monkey Looking for Food 小猴下山
A Little Cat Planting Fish 小猫种鱼

By Laurette Zhang, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 25-33 pages, 10.25"x8"
Item: My First Chinese Storybook - Animals
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