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Bilingual Classical Fairy Tales (10 Books) BSB373


This perfect combination of well-known master artworks with classic fairy tales now produces new classics. Young reader will enjoy not only reading famous stories that have been told for generations, but also looking at the greatest artworks artfully blended in the stories.


Book Titles:
Snow White and Rose Red 白雪和红玫
Puss in Boots 穿靴子的猫
Prince Riquet 聪明王子笨公主
King Thrushbeard 画眉嘴国王
The Happy Prince 快乐王子
Nandy and the Tigers 南迪和老虎
The Seven Ravens 七个乌鸦哥哥
The Donkey and the Load of Salt 驮盐的驴
The Little Girl and the Big Bear小女孩和大雄星座
The Last Leaf 最后一片叶子

By Jeannette Rowe, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 32 pages/book, 11.3"x8.25"
Item: Bilingual Classical Fairy Tales (10 Books)
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