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I Can Eat with Chopsticks BSB377


One day Xiao Mo brought home a piece of bamboo stick that she picked up from the forest. The little bamboo stick helped Mom to pick out vegetables from a bowl of hot soup, helped Xiao Mo to gather the remaining rice in her bowl, and helped Dad to stir eggs. However, the capable little bamboo stick felt helpless when he tried to pull out noodles from a bowl. 

Therefore, Xiao Mo found him a helper. With two bamboo sticks working together, they were able to cut buns into halves, pick up vegetables and do many other chores. 

With Dad's help, the two bamboo sticks had a new look and overtime, they became today's well-known chopsticks!

By Lin Xin, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 42 pages, 9"x 9.2"
Item: I Can Eat with Chopsticks
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