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Blue on Blue BSB389


Discover the joys of a wild rainstorm in this poetic picture book, illustrated by a Caldecott Medalist. Join a farming family as they experience the full range of a thrilling seaside thunderstorm—from the wild wind and the very first drops; to the pouring, pouring rain; to the wonderful messy mud after the sun returns!
With gentle, rhyming text and vivid artwork from a Caldecott Medal–winning illustrator, this sublime depiction of nature’s patterns turns a storm into a celebration.

戴安娜·怀特就是一个非常热爱下雨的人。她用富有韵律的语言将一场暴风雨来临前、来临时、雨过天晴的的景象描写得富有童趣。读起来朗朗上口,节奏欢快,这是本书魅力之一。简单的词语,表达了无尽的内容,这是语言神奇力量的体现,也是本书的魅力之二。读这本书,不仅能体会到童诗的欢快、下雨的清爽,还能轻松学习英语。这是本书的魅力之三。无论是“湛蓝、湛蓝 洁白、洁白”的中文,还是“blue on blue  white on white”的英文,听起来都是那么简洁、明快,富有律动感,还充满诗意和童趣。

By Dianne White, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Character and English, 47 pages, 10.25"x7.75"
Item: Blue on Blue
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