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My Little Books Collection BSB392


As a part of Wisdom for Children series, the My Little Book collection contains four books of questions that help children develop thinking skills by asking simple questions in these four areas: logic, ethics, discovery, and imagination.

作为 “智慧熊游戏系列” 的子系列,《我的小小书》系列包括:《我的小小“逻辑”书》,《我的小小“发现”书》,《我的小小“道德观”书》,《我的小小“想象力”书》,共四本书。通过书中这些简单的问题,旨在提高儿童辩证的逻辑思维能力。在这些书中,作者George Ghanotakis 博士向父母们展示了如何通过锻炼儿童的逻辑能力,想象力,发现的能力,以及道德推理能力,从而提高他们整体的思维能力。

Book Titles:
My Little Book of Logic 我的小小"逻辑"书
My Little Book of Right or Wrong 我的小小"道德观"书
My Little Book of Discovery 我的小小"发现"书
My Little Book of Imagination 我的小小"想象力"书

By George Ghanotakis, Illustrated by Jasmine Vicente and Richard Kelly, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters and English, 36 pages/book, 6.75"x6.75"
Item: My Little Books Collection
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