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Larry and Lola BSB396


Larry the Bunny and Lola the Kitten move through their day together. Starting with getting dressed, playing in the sand box, and building a fort, they ask questions about their routine and then reveal their choices in a large, lift-the-flap format. The illustrations are rich in detail and children will also enjoy following Mikey the Mouse as he gets into a bit of mischief along the way. A fun seek-and-find series that invites you to look at the pictures and talk about them with your child! 

《拉里和罗拉》是一系列为两岁以上宝贝倾情打造语言启蒙认知书,丰富孩子的常识认知,满足宝贝们的好奇心。书中认知点均有中英文对照,有利于孩子对简单基础的英语词汇的掌握。设有大翻翻折页,采用一问一答的形式,让孩子自己动脑,培养他们的兴趣。互动性提问让孩子有自己的思考空间,培养孩子们的观察力、记忆力,拓展他们的思维。《我们会买什么》拉里和罗拉要去买东西喽!他们去面包房、玩具店、果蔬店、鞋店、书店和宠物店。在那些地方,他们会买什么呢?(又不买什么呢?) 《我们会看见什么》拉里和罗拉总是形影不离。他们一起去动物园、广场、丛林和沙滩……在那些地方,他们会看见什么有趣的东西呢?(又没看见什么呢?) 《我们会选什么》拉里和罗拉总是形影不离。他们一起穿衣服、一起吃饭、一起玩耍、洗澡和睡觉,做这些事情的时候需要用到不同的东西,他们会选什么呢?有会不选什么呢?)

Book Titles:
What Will We Buy? 我们会买什么
What Will We See There? 我们会看见什么
What Will We Choose? 我们会选什么

By Elly van der Linden, Illustrated by Suzanne Diederen, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 32 pages/book, 8.9x8.5
Item: Larry and Lola
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