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A Blue Bird and Her Little Tree BSB410


After planting a seed, the blue bird returns to find a full-grown tree, admiring how it changes through every season of the year. At first, she is delighted by its bright flowers and beautiful green leaves, but as winter approaches, the leaves fall, leaving the little tree barren and cold.
The little tree worries that the blue bird won't love it anymore now that its colorful flowers are gone. However, the blue bird continues to care for the tree through every change, so much so that she makes her home within its branches—keeping the tree company for the rest of their lives.
A Blue Bird and Her Little Tree is a story of love that lasts through hard times and all of life's ups and downs. The blue bird and her tree learn about loyalty and growth through whatever changes might come.

By Jin Bo, Illustrated by Zhao Guangyu, Translated by Yijin Wert, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 36 pages, 9.4x9.5
Item: A Blue Bird and Her Little Tree
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