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Stories of Mina BSB424


Mina's First Day of School Mina goes to school for the first time! Throughout the day, she meets delightful classmates and participates in class activities. Learn the many ways of saying "Yes" and "No" in everyday dialog through this bilingual book
I Love My Grandpa Mina has a brilliant idea for her puppy, but she can’t do it alone! She spends a fun-filled day with her grandpa, creating, building, and developing their special bond. Join Mina and Gong Gong (grandpa) as they team up to bring her idea to life! 
Mina Goes to the Beach It's a warm and sunny day, a perfect day to go to the beach! Mina and her family prepare for a fun-filled beach day! Follow along with Mina as she discovers the wonders of the oceanside. She has a blast splashing in the waves, collecting seashells, building sandcastles, and enjoying a tasty picnic!
Mina's Ups and Downs It’s a fun-filled day at the carnival for Mina and her family. There are plenty of rides to try, games to play, and yummy foods to eat! With so many things to do, Mina experiences a spectrum of sensory delights and a roller coaster of feelings. This delightful and colorful book about emotions is perfect for children.
Mina's Scavenger Hunt With a list on one hand and her puppy, Musubi, by her side, Mina plays an exciting game of scavenger hunt! They have lots of fun using clues to discover and collect treasures! Your child will love this adorable story while learning everyday dialog and common adjectives in Chinese. 
Let's Go to the Farmers' Market What a wonderful day to go to the farmers' market! Mina and Leah, 2 adorable sisters, enjoy all the sights, sounds, smells, touch, and tastes of what their local farmers' market has to offer. Explore all 5 senses with this adorable family while they check out the delicious sustainable organic produce, freshly baked goods, colorful flowers and so much more!
Let's Go on a Hike Looking for fun? Consider it done! Let's all go on a hike! Spend some time outdoors, which I'm sure you will like! A family adventure with so much to explore... Lots of fun in the sun; you can't ask for much more! With some rhyming and hiking, there's no end to exploring!
I Found It! I Found It! is a fun find-and-seek or look-and-find book with 12 engaging and colorful scenes. Learn new Chinese vocabulary through this interactive children's book! Learning Chinese has never been so easy! 
Book Titles:
Mina's First Day of School 
I Love My Grandpa 
Mina Goes to the Beach
Mina's Ups and Downs 
Mina's Scavenger Hunt
Let's Go to the Farmers Market
Let's Go on a Hike
I Found It 

By Katrina Liu, Hardcover, Simplified or Traditional Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 28-36 pages/book, 8.75''x8.75"

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