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I Was Born in the Year of the Pig BSC059


Some things in the world you were born with. Things like your last name, your gender and your zodiac sign. In this bilingual (Chinese/English) book, the main character does not like the fact that he was born in the Year of the Pig. He thinks pigs are fat, lazy and dumb. Find out how he changes his mind. Illustrated with watercolor paintings and in poem format, this book is both beautiful and fun. Children and adults alike will enjoy this story. In traditional Chinese characters, Zhuyin and English. Ages 4-8.

《我属猪》 这本书的故事诙谐有趣,以活泼浅显的文字和极具表现力的图画,把一个“正好赶上是猪年”出生的小孩描绘得相当生动。 故事的主人公从开头自己不姓李、陈,偏偏姓任,就有了一肚子气。谈到自己的生肖,早一年生属狗,狗有人爱有人抱;晚一年生属鼠,也比猪好。因为猪又懒又馋,总是给人负面印象,但赶上猪年出生,那又有什么办法呢?只好认命了。

Dr. Joel Janicki, Hardcover, Traditional Chinese Characters, Zhuyin and English, 45 Pages, 8.4" x 8.7"
Item: I Was Born in the Year of the Pig
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