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Danny's Picture (Book+CD) BSC066


Bilingual in Mandarin Chinese and English. This picture book by Mike Dickinson is as enjoyable, as it is educational. Vocabulary words and multiple forms of verbs are highlighted on each page, while their pronunciations and Chinese translations are presented in the page margins. The story revolves around little Danny's first day at school and the picture he draws of himself. Danny's picture changes depending upon how Danny acts during the day. When he is bad, the picture looks terrible, and when he is good, it looks like cute little Danny himself. This beautifully illustrated story is great to read and enjoy while learning either English or Chinese, or both. Ages 4-8. The accompanying Read-Along CD contains the narratives in Mandairn Chinese and English.

By Mike Dickinson, Hardcover, Traditional Chinese Characters, Zhuyin and English, 30 Pages, 9.5''x8.5'', 1 CD/book
Item: Danny's Picture (Book+CD)
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