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Mahjong All Day Long BSC172


Big Sister, JieJie, and her little brother, DiDi, see their parents playing Mahjong all the time. It's their favorite family tradition. With Uncle T.T. and Auntie Helen around, the house is always alive with singing and chatting, the aromas of hot tea and good food, and of course the constant sounds of a family having fun together! One day JieJie and DiDi will grow up and have families of their own, and they will teach their children the game as their parents taught them. As it has done for centuries, the playing of Mahjong continues to bring families together, allowing for traditions to be passed on generation after generation. Ages 3-8.

By Ginnie Lo, Hardcover, English, 30 pages, 10.8"x 11.25''
Item: Mahjong All Day Long
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