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Uncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding BSC201


Jenny, who first appeared as an energetic big sister in Henry's First-Moon Birthday (S & S, 2001), is back, participating in her uncle's nuptials. The child loves being his special girl and is having difficulty with the idea of sharing him with a new aunt. Look perfectly captures the child's envy and jealousy as the bride becomes the center of attention. As the family gathers to celebrate, readers learn about many of the traditions associated with the ceremony, including bargaining for the bride, wearing red for good luck, and bed-jumping. The busy day has a sweet resolution as Stella chooses Jenny to release a box full of butterflies and thanks her for sharing her uncle. The child responds with a hug and welcomes the bride into the family. Heo's child-inspired illustrations contribute to the story's strong appeal with lively colors, perspectives, and details that accentuate both Jenny's feelings and the wedding traditions. A delightful invitation to learn more about Chinese traditions. Ages 4-8

By Lenore Look, Illustrated by Yumi Heo, 40 page; 9.8" x 9.8"
Item: Uncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding
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