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Minji's Salon BSC226


When Minji's mother goes to get her hair done, Minji grabs her dog and aims to create her own version of the beauty salon. One side of the double page spreads shows her mother going through the routine of her choosing, having the hair color applied, waiting under the drier, and being combed out, with no text. The other side shows Minji putting her poor dog through a similar routine, with brief, appropriate comments, like "Choosing the right style can be difficult." Minji finds odd sources in the house for her colors, her rollers, and her drying hood. Her results with the unhappy pooch are hilarious. Fortunately, her mother is a good sport about the mess. What inventive Minji may do next is only suggested as she contemplates the dress shop. The first double-page offers a silent introduction, showing a city street with the dress shop and a glimpse of the dog running off the page. The next scene finds the dog entering and Minji peering into a beauty parlor; then, she is rushing off on the title page. Her mother's experiences are contained in rectangles, while Minji's amusing machinations are free to move even beyond the gutter. Each stylized scene gets a bit wilder and the paint splashier. Mother, now a stylish redhead, is open-mouthed contemplating the colorful mayhem, but Minji's charm is irresistible. Age 4-8.

By Eun-Hee Choung, Hardcover, 32 Pages, 10" x 9"
Item: Minji's Salon
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