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My Mom Is a Dragon BSC238


Paper cut art has decorated Chinese homes for centuries. These delicate picture show the lunar calendar animals in their finest moments. Read the story of the animals' race to Buddha's court. Then delight your child with the monkey's mischievous grin, the horse's dancing hooves, and the boar's sweet life. A perfect marriage of kid-friendly fun and elegant design, My Mom Is A Dragon introduces children to Chinese paper cut art and the lunar calendar animals. Vibrant colors and graceful paper cut art depict the animals, while inviting text characterizes each animal's personality and quirks. Children will be delighted by the mischievous monkey, the exuberant horse, and the untamable dragon. Adults will appreciate the book's beautiful colors and stunning design. Ages 4-8.


By Tricia Morrissey, Hardcover, English, 30 pages, 10.25"x6.75"
Item: My Mom Is a Dragon
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