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Kai-lan Princess Books BSC240


Kai-lan, Princess of Friends: The Monkey King has a special mission for Kai-lan: to help the Fox Kingdom and Bear Kingdom get along. The Foxes are bothered by the Bear's dancing and the Bears are bothered by the Fox's singing. With Kai-lan's help, the Fox King and the Bear Queen talk to each other about their feelings and come up with the perfect solution. In return for Kai-lan's kindness, they name her the princess of their peaceful new land: the Kingdom of Friends! Princess Kai-lan: The Monkey King asks Kai-lan to help the Foxes and the Bears become friends. Their kingdoms are divided by a big wall! Kai-lan convinces the Fox King and Bear Queen to talk about their feelings and in return, they make Kai-Lan a princess! This fun-filled Level 1 Ready to Read features colorful icons throughout. 

By Veronica Paz/Diana Michaels, Paperback, English, 24 pages/book, 6"x8" or 8"x9"
Item: Kai-lan Princess Books
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