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LCWF Big Book - Grade 2 BSE131


The Learn Chinese With Fun Big Book - Kindergarten 2  books allow teachers to read grade-level stories in front of the whole class. The colorful illustrations and large format makes it easy for students to follow along as the teacher reads aloud. The expandable series also includes Learn Chinese With Fun Big Book - K and Learn Chinese With Fun Big Book - Grade 1. Each level is available as a "big book" for teachers to use in class and as a "small reader" for students to use independently.

Features of Big Book:

  • Contains interesting stories that complement thematic teaching and kindle children’s interest in learning
  • Consists of  10 books at each level

Book Titles:
Beautiful Swan 美丽的天鹅
Little Girl and Big Wolf 小姑娘和大灰狼
Before and After Heavy Rain大雨前后
Magic Flower  七色花The
Legend of Swordfish 剑鱼的传说
Singapore-Hometown of Lion 新加坡----狮子之乡
Chinatown-Xiao Xing's Adventure  牛车水- 小星奇遇记
Shoes on the Tree  树上的鞋子
Grandma's Zong Zi  奶奶的粽子
Cried The Earth  地球哭了

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 16 pages/per book, 16.5"x11.75"
Item: LCWF Big Book - Grade 2
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