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Science and Math Series BSE143


Using simple text, thought provoking questions, and clearly worded answers, the Science and Math Series opens up the world of science and math for elementary and middle school students.

'Did a Dinosaur Drink This Water?' - This uniquely titled book introduces the water cycle. 'Is a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is?' - This raffish primer on the meaning of "big" delivers a healthy, age-appropriate jolt to common assumptions about proportion and numbers. 'How Do You Lift a Lion?' - A basic introduction to levers, wheels, and pulleys. 'What's Faster Than a Speeding Cheetah?' - A concept book about speed. 'Can You Count to a Googol?' - The author illustrates how our number system builds by powers of 10 and helps develop a concept of what those numbers mean. 'What's Smaller Than a Pygmy Shrew?' - In this presentation that goes from small to infinitesimal, Wells compares the size of a tiny animal (a pygmy shrew) to an insect (a ladybug), which is in turn contrasted with one-celled animals, bacteria, molecules, atoms, and sub-atomic particles. 'How Do You Know What Time It Is?' - With excitement and solid fact, Wells introduces the concept of time and how we measure it. 'What's Older Than A Giant Tortoise?' - After introducing the giant tortoise, a creature that can live "…more than 150 years - longer than any other known land animal," the author offers examples of things that are much older.

With its bright primary colors; cartoon illustrations; and readable, conversational text, this picture book series will find a niche in most collections. Ages 6-12.


Book Titles:
Is a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is?蓝鲸是最大的吗?
Can You Count to a Googol? 你能数到10的100次方吗
How Do You Lift a Lion? 怎样为狮子称体重?
How Do You Know What Time It Is? 怎样知道现在几点了?
What's Smaller Than a Pygmy Shrew? 还有什么比鼩鼱更小吗?
What's Faster Than A Speeding Cheetah? 什么比猎豹的速度更快?
Did a Dinosaur Drink This Water? 恐龙喝的水和今天的一样吗?
What’s Older Than a Giant Tortoise? 还有什么比象龟更老?
Polar Bear, Why Is Your World Melting? 为什么北极熊的世界在融化?
Why Do Elephants Need the Sun? 为什么大象需要太阳?
What’s So Special about Planet Earth? 地球为何如此特别?
Can We Share the World with Tigers? 我们能和老虎共享地球吗?

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 28 pages/book, 6.9"x10.25"

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