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New Portraits of the Modern Day Student Series Vol. 2 BSE188


The new series of Nao Nao's stories is now available! The previous series is extremely popular among children, and its stories are one of the 20 extra-curricular reading materials designated by the Singaporean Ministry of Education. A winner of the Singaporean national book award (merit) in children's book and juveniles' book groups, the awarding-winning Nao Nao series has recently been adapted as a children's television drama series. These new stories about Nao Nao and his adventures build upon the foundation of the previous stories and can be used to educate and entertain readers. There are a total of five books included in Volume 2. Suitable for primary 3-4 students.

Book Titles:
1.Nao Nao's Class 闹闹这一班
2.Nao Nao Is Reading King 闹闹是阅读王
3.Nao Nao's Extracurricular Activities 闹闹的课外活动
4.Nao Nao's Physical Test 闹闹的体能测验
5.Nao Nao's Strange Disease 闹闹的怪病

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, Vocabulary in Pinyin, 50 pages/book, 8.3"x5.8"
Item: New Portraits of the Modern Day Student Series Vol. 2
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