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Little Bunny Growth Series (6 Books) BSE299


This is a well-known Belgian children's books series. Six stories talk about rabbits' daily encounters and how they overcome the issues such as shy, non-stop eating, endless sleeping, careless, no self-confidence, not wanting to wear glasses, afraid of being different and more. Young children can learn how to build their own character through reading these stories. Illustrated with lovely water color paintings and simple texts in Simplified Chinese characters. Ages 4-8. Please choose from Paperback or Hardcover in Simplified Chinese characters. Traditional Chinese characters version is available too.

这套图画故事书,每个分册都讲述的是宝宝在成长过程中会遇到的问题和困惑,比如身高、视力等,本书通过6只可爱的小兔子的故事,让宝宝能够乐观地面对成长所出现的问题,开开心心地成长。 本套图画故事书摒弃了教条式的灌输方法,让孩子能在故事中学习良好的生活习惯,正确的认识自己,培养自信心。

Book Titles
Biye is A Little Rabbit 其实我不笨—皮埃尔和他的朋友们
Xiluo is A Cobra 保护视力最重要—雨果的红眼镜 
Dimi is A Slob 不再做懒虫—多米的一天 
Jiadong is A Coward 大声说出我是谁—害羞的卡斯通 
Leao is A Humpback Whale 贪吃坏处多—胖雷欧变鲤鱼 
Kaya is A Giraffe 你很特别—高个子卡勒 

By Mymi Doinet, Illustrated by Nanou, Paperback (8.25"x8.75") or Hardcover (7.5"x8.75"), Simplified Chinese Characters, 18 pages/book
Item: Little Bunny Growth Series (6 Books)
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