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Children Growth Picture Books BSE340


The set of four story books is designed for 4 to 8 year olds young children. Each story has important themes and is full of imagination. The "Parent-Child Interaction" section in each book will enhance the knowledge-based learning.

适合性格形成关键时期的4~ 8岁儿童阅读。在重要的学习观点上,加注“亲子互动小叮咛”,补充知识性的学习。 “每个人的回忆里都会有抹不去的故事吧,不知不觉中我们就把这些美好情感当作了处世的潜意识,故事的种子悄悄地溜进了我们心里面,伴着大家一起,慢慢地长大了。” 请参阅每本书的中文简介

Titles 目录
Wandering Seed 流浪的种子 -- 学习独立成长
Cocoon 破茧 -- 学习自主管理
Winged Girl and Monster Doctor 长翅膀的女孩和怪物医生 -- 学习不以貌取人
The Doll Knows hurt 会痛的泥娃娃 -- 学习先苦后甜

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 29 pages/book, 9.9"x10.25"
Item: Children Growth Picture Books
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