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Children's Chinese Story Book Series (10 Books) BSE483


With repetitive sentences and vivid pictures, these small readers help young children learn to read easily and quickly. Each picture in the book gets the reader to guess what happens next, helping to improve thinking ability and recognition.

有「全語文之父」之稱的語言學家Kenneth Goodman 曾提出,閱讀是一個「心理語言的猜測遊戲」,語文學習應該是整體的,不能分割的,並且應把語文放在情境中來學習。對幼兒來說,故事就是上佳的閱讀和學習語文的材料。

★ 故事後附導讀活動、說多一點點(常識)、認字活動。

Set 1 第一辑
My Name 我的名字
I Do Not Have a Tail我没有尾巴
My Family我的家
I Love My Dad and Mom 我爱爸爸妈妈
Where Are They Going 他们要到哪里去
School is Over放学了
Happy Birthday生日快乐
Whose is Longer谁的长谁的短
Going Out出门了
Delicous Rice好吃的米饭

Set 2 第二辑
Who Take Shower First谁先来洗澡
Dinner Time吃饭了
Who Will Help Us谁来帮助我们
Thank You谢谢
Sound of Rain雨声像什么
Play Game玩游戏
Too Ugly长的太丑了
Sun Bathing晒太阳
Wear Gloves 戴手套

Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters, 12 pages/book, 7.5"X6.6"
Item: Children's Chinese Story Book Series (10 Books)
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