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Its So Nice Today (2 Books) BSE545


It’s So Nice Today《今天,真好》
It’s so nice today, listening to the cicadas, watching fireworks, receiving an unexpected gift. It’s so nice today! Learning to swim, making friends, modest about winning. It’s even better today! Waking up to say, “Good morning,” and often saying, “Thank you!” Today, I tell myself, “I will do even better!”

I Like《我喜欢》
I like puppies, hide-and-seek, waiting for Dad to come home. I like the sun, singing, and holding the little umbrella. I like flying kites, riding bikes, playing in the water, going to school and school breaks… I like what I like. I like each and every day!



Book Titles:
It's So Nice Today 今天真好
I Like 我喜欢

By Lin Liang, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 157-181 pages/book, 9.1"x6.7"
Item: Its So Nice Today (2 Books)
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