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Bao Dongni Picture Book Series II BSE577


Bao Dongni Picture Book Series is a collection of short stories. Each book in the series provokes a different thought, with its carefully painted pictures and beautifully constructed text, thereby allowing readers to always find something to learn and enjoy. 


Book Titles:
Chinese New Year Food 年味儿
Lantern Festival 元宵灯
Dragon Boat Dumplings Rice Cakes 端午粽米香
Chrysanthemum 菊花蜜
Full Moon 满月
Lotus Lanterns and The Sound of Flute 荷灯照夜人
I Love June First Holiday 我爱六一
Huaniang Valley 花娘谷
Grandmas Youth League 奶奶的青团
The Snow Lotus 冈拉梅朵

By Bao Dongni, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Character, 40 pages/book, 11.5x8.5"

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